Well Planning

Accurate Energy Services provides a collaborative framework in which Geo-scientists and engineers can incorporate risk and uncertainty into target generation. Initial targets are not always sized properly to account for risk or various geophysical, geological and mechanical uncertainties. But such planning usually requires a great deal of time. Plan wells in minutes, not weeks. Accurate's’s integrated geologic and engineering workflows streamline well planning. We can help your asset team hit the most productive reservoir targets quickly in complex drilling environments. By working in the same well planning workflow, your engineers and Geo-scientists can better understand each other’s constraints and how those will affect the well plan. We can further increase operator efficiency by automating many well design processes, such as anti-collision scans and comparing planned well paths. Accurate's ’s team members are on 24-hour call to assist our field supervisors and each other. Well Planners work with the customer before, during, and after the well is drilled for optimal performance and accuracy in hitting your target.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Well targeting and collision avoidance
  • Compare planned well paths with known trouble-time incidents
  • Incorporate risk and uncertainty into targeting
  • Well Plan Torque and Drag
  • Well Plan Hydraulics Dogleg expectancy
  • Well profile optimization

Accurate Energy Services uses the Landmark COMPASS Software Landmark’s COMPASS™ directional well planning software is the industry’s premiere application for directional path planning, survey data management, plotting and anti-collision analysis. This system, designed for both oil companies and directional drilling contractors, improves safety, efficiency, and cost effectiveness of directional well programs. COMPASS™ includes user-friendly tools such as multiple 2D and 3D planning methods, cost and re-entry optimization, plotting, survey data analysis, and driller’s target generation.